Women Dream Too

I have always been given the notion that women, their biggest achievement in life was being a wife.

No matter how many businesses we own, fame, or greatness that without being a wife it all means nothing.

We were taught by society.

That we must know how to cook, be submissive, obey, respect and become everything a man needs.

A mother, a friend, a caregiver, a partner and a lover, seeing men as our superiors.

Without teaching us how to be confident, independent, goal-getters.

Every step I made, every mistake I made, I was trained up differently and corrected for things that I see today are wrong.

Growing up, Parents train their boy child and female children differently.

Teaching the male child how to be strong, how to face adversities, to chase their dreams

But not how to treat a woman right and be the same thing they say men n

But why am I as a woman treated differently?

In Nigeria, after University a girl is expected to go back home and stay with family and wait to be married before leaving their parents home.

Watching the world through social media.

Has opened my eyes and made me exposed that they are women out there who are breaking records, building empires without a man by their side becoming whoever they want to be.

Because am a woman

Does not mean I have to follow the mindset I was brought up with that men are the end goals, that they are my end goal.

That me being more successful than my husband is wrong.

I can do so much better, I don’t need a man.

To be strong, to figure out for me what I want or validate to me how I want to live my life, we have equal rights.

Why is my dreams questioned?



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Rachel Irabor

Rachel Irabor

Power Platform Advocate | Power Platform Developer | just a girl doing what she loves